About Us


Cevahir Jewelry, which has been in the sector since 1988, has created unique models and products to combine the traditional line of the Grand Bazaar with modern designs.
We, combines the line of the renewed world and magnificent designs with participation in domestic and international fairs and sector meetings.

Cevahir Jewelry, has provided successful collaborations with Middle Eastern and Southern countries and is offering special collections and hundreds of trend models to its customers. Cevahir Jewelery draws attention with its product variety and customer-specific designs to all its customers.



What we do

We offer products that combine gold, 925 Sterling Silver and precious stones to  customers with artistic works.We provide a variety of products in jewelry field by catching the pace of the constantly changing and developing sector with our expert team.
Feeding on the traditional motifs and mood of jewelery, accessories and precious metals, we have made works that are original, modern, stylish and which taste goes beyond the borders of the country. Cevahir Jewelery, which finds itself in the top ranks in digital platforms in terms of design and original models, reaches its customers in the easiest way.